Do Capricorn and Cancer Get Along?

Find out if Cancer is the best match for Capricorn.

Capricorn and Cancer Match

Capricorn woman / Cancer man Earth Water sign romantic match

Dating and love, Capricorn and Cancer style

Capricorn woman / Cancer man Earth Water sign romantic match

Hi Capricorn! Climbing comes as naturally as breathing to you. For some Capricorns, this characteristic manifests in the goal to achieve great heights —whether of wealth, prestige, achievements, or intellect. Other Caps climb for the sake of the view. They value being able to survey the landscape and sharing their mountain-top perspective, as they may view the Capricorn and Cancer compatibility.

“Ruled by the planet Saturn, you probably began climbing (in some fashion) early in life. To scale their chosen mountains, Caps learn the importance of choosing a path with solid ground. You value stability and reliability, especially in relationships.”

Enter the steady, compassionate Crab. Ruled by the moon, Cancer is a deeply emotional sign. They’re always there for their loved ones and friends, but can have a tendency to retreat into their shells. You may feel wary at first of Cancer’s fluctuating moods. The other placements in each of your birth charts may become more prevalent as you get to know each other.

Of course, like in all relationships, there’s some give-and-take. In some Capricorn and Cancer partnerships, the Cancer becomes more like their Capricorn match. The Crab may emulate your traits to become more resourceful and confident. In turn, they can also help you learn to appreciate a hidden side of yourself. The symbol for Capricorn is not simply a goat, but a half-fish, half-goat mythological creature—the Sea-Goat. The fish part refers to Capricorn’s potential for emotional depth and compassion. When Capricorn discovers this side of their being, their relationship with Cancer can deepen.

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Are Capricorn and Cancer a Good Match?

There’s a strong love compatibility between Capricorns and Cancers. Caps value Cancer’s ability to tend to your shared inner world as a couple. Meanwhile the Sea-Goat can carry both partners ever higher. This kind of give-and-take fuels many relationships between your sun signs.

“When it comes to similarities, you have more than just a few. Capricorn and Cancer both tend to perceive life through a more traditional lens. Both signs may feel attached to specific cultural, religious, or artistic philosophies. So long as you and your Cancer’s traditions are compatible, they can create a bond between you.”

Once Cancer gains your respect (something you pride yourself on giving to only a chosen few), you begin to appreciate their nurturing qualities. At times, life can feel like a hard, lonely climb for Capricorn. At times you may push yourself too hard. Cancer’s attentiveness to your needs helps ease some of the tension created by your strong sense of inner drive. Capricorn and Cancer can collaborate very well together. Once they develop a sense of mutual trust, these two sun signs can communicate easily. Both signs have a strong sense of inner responsibility which means they rarely let each other down. They may even develop a shared shorthand language that other people can’t grasp.

Capricorn woman / Cancer man Earth Water sign love match

Capricorn and Cancer Compatibility: The key to a successful relationship

Capricorn woman / Cancer man Earth Water sign love match

Crabs tend to be emotionally thirsty. Meanwhile, the Sea-Goat is not naturally attuned to others’ emotional needs. You may even find yourself becoming irritated at Cancer for not being able to be emotionally self-sustaining. Cancer may respond to your seeming indifference by seeking attention elsewhere.

“Capricorn and Cancer will have to engage in an emotionally honest discussion if conflict arises. Capricorn enjoys making other people adhere to boundaries and rules, but doesn’t like to face emotional dilemmas.”

Pounding the table won’t solve the problem—you’ll have to accept and respect Cancer’s emotional vulnerability. This could involve reflecting on your own (possibly hidden) feelings. Together, you and your match can work out a set of relationship ground-rules. As a Capricorn, you’re probably an expert in one or more fields. You’ve also learned the value of working with other experts. An astrology compatibility reading from a skilled Everclear advisor can help navigate relationship pitfalls. Avoid wasted time or losing a potential long-term match. With the proper guidance, Capricorn and Cancer can build a strong foundation for a lasting partnership or marriage.

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