Do Cancer and Virgo Get Along?

Learn if Virgo traits are the best match for Cancer.

Cancer and Virgo Match

Cancer woman / Virgo man Water Earth sign romantic match

Dating and love, Cancer and Virgo style

Cancer woman / Virgo man Water Earth sign romantic match

Hi Cancer! Symbolized by the Crab, your sun sign is known to be intuitive and emotional. Cancers care deeply about their families and friends. After all, they belong to the Fourth House of Foundations. This astrological house encourages the Crab to value their history and stay in touch with their roots. In light of these traits, can Cancer and Virgo build a nurturing home together?

“Cancers are loyal and will do anything for those they love. It follows that the Crab has an unmatched ability to empathize with people. Like other water signs, they have a high emotional intelligence. However, Cancer’s connection to the Moon makes them even more sensitive to emotional shifts. Needless to say, a deeply compassionate person resides inside the Crab’s hard shell.”

Kind Virgo also values family, and they’re deeply devoted to their loved ones. Connected to the Sixth House of Self, the Maiden often takes on the responsibility of caring for everyone’s wellbeing. They feel a sense of duty when it comes to helping others be their best.

As an earth sign, Virgos are practical, organized, and reserved people. Their ruling planet Mercury blesses them with the intellect required to execute their carefully laid plans. They would rather use their analytical minds to account for potential pitfalls than leave things up to chance. On account of these traits, the Maiden can become hyper focused on details and lose the bigger picture. It’s a lifelong struggle for Virgos to realize that some things are simply out of their control.

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Are Cancer and Virgo a Good Match?

A Cancer and Virgo couple is a lovely match that grows with time. While other horoscopes may take your compassion for granted, another kind hearted sign can truly understand your value. The Crab and Maiden can each look out for each other in a friendship that’s built on mutual respect and love.

“Virgo is a mutable sign and Cancer is able to appreciate their flexibility. In return, Virgo can admire the inner strength that comes with cardinal Cancer. Regardless of how your friendship begins, a Cancer-Virgo relationship can develop into an everlasting bond. “

It follows that the road to romance will also be relatively smooth. Your similar drives in life lend you an amazing connection. Yet, you’re different enough to compliment each other’s strengths and weaknesses. Cancer can help Virgo get in touch with their emotions. Meanwhile, the Maiden can draw on communicative Mercury to help you better express your inner thoughts and feelings. In short, Cancer’s emotions and Virgo’s rationality can balance each other out.

This pair will only run into relationship or marriage problems if they choose to fixate on—rather than embrace—their differences. After all, your thought processes are quite different. It can be said that Cancer only thinks with their heart, while Virgo solely relies on their head. As a Cancer, you might need to vent your feelings to your partner every now and then. Virgo should be careful to provide a sympathetic ear and not overanalyze your emotions.

Cancer woman / Virgo man Water Earth sign love match

Cancer and Virgo Compatibility: The key to a successful relationship

Cancer woman / Virgo man Water Earth sign love match

If Cancer and Virgo can learn to speak the same language, they can be an inspirational, long lasting match. Each partner must come to acknowledge the other’s differences as strengths. In this way, you can support each other and grow into the best versions of yourselves.

“As in any relationship, this will require consistent, open communication. This is especially true for Cancer, who tends to be naturally more reserved. The Crab might bottle up their thoughts—hiding their vulnerabilities beneath a hard shell.”

Meanwhile, Virgo may come off as overly talkative. They may end up taking the lead without getting their partner’s input. Create time for you and your partner to air your thoughts and feelings, without interruptions. Since you’re both kind hearted individuals, bridging the gap of communication may be easier than it sounds. However, natural compatibility can only take you so far. If communication or sexual intimacy is starting to slip in your relationship, consider reading out for help. An Everclear advisor can provide you and your Virgo with personalized relationship insights. Sun signs shouldn’t be your sole consideration in compatibility. After all, every person is unique with various placements in their birth chart. An outside perspective can help a compatible couple reach their full potential.

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