Do Cancer and Taurus Get Along?

Find out if Cancer and Taurus are the best match.

Cancer and Taurus Match

Cancer woman / Taurus man Water Earth sign romantic match

Dating and love, Cancer and Taurus style

Cancer woman / Taurus man Water Earth sign romantic match

Hi Cancer! People born under the Crab sign are incredibly tuned in to their emotions. That’s why you tend ponder on matters of the heart early on, including whether Cancer and Taurus are compatible? Your sensitivity and intuition are some of your greatest strengths, but these traits can also act like a double-edged sword. It’s easy for you to become emotionally invested in others, and you’ve probably been burned because of this in the past.

“This can make you cautious in love, hence the hard outer shell of the Crab. Only a select few see beyond this hard outer shell.”

As a result, Cancer usually prefers to stay home with a few close friends. Most Cancers come off as introverts, especially to those who aren’t in your inner circle.

Taurus, represented by the Bull, is an earth sign. They tend to be more pragmatic than emotionally driven water signs. Taurus will seek out stability in all aspects of life—including love. As a result, this sign is also cautious in love. An unpredictable partner is their worst nightmare.

So it follows that Taurus is an extremely loyal partner. Those born under this sun sign are willing to wait for a reliable match. Although they don’t mind going out, the Bull is far more comfortable hanging out at home. As such, Cancer and Taurus share many characteristics, including their expectations around commitment. This pair has the potential to build an extremely solid relationship.

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Are Cancer and Taurus a Good Match?

So how do two people who love staying in actually meet? This will be the first hurdle in a Cancer and Taurus relationship. Getting to know each other might be a slow process. It’s possible that this pair would be long time friends before shifting into romance and sexual intimacy.

“The Crab and the Bull are both guarded when it comes to all kinds of relationships—especially love. Although it will take time to build up trust, you will be rewarded with a strong foundation.”

Once your walls finally come down, this relationship will be a natural fit. Both signs are lovers of all things comfy and cozy. Taurus wants to comfort others by providing stability and protection. Cancer wants to take care of others by creating a home with a loving atmosphere. In fact, things might get too comfortable. Since Cancer and Taurus are so compatible, it can be easy for the pair to live in their own little bubble. You’ll have to challenge each other to step outside of your comfort zone. Try to encourage each other to venture beyond the safety of your relationship for new experiences.

Cancer woman / Taurus man Water Earth sign dating match

Cancer and Taurus Compatibility: The key to a successful relationship

Cancer woman / Taurus man Water Earth sign dating match

Cancer and Taurus couples are blessed with zodiac sign compatibility. Once you form a bond, it will be relatively easy to sustain a long term relationship. After all, both signs crave security and commitment. You tend to have similar expectations in romantic relationships.

“But you must all be patient. This relationship isn’t going to flourish overnight. It will take both signs some time before they’re comfortable with opening up.”

The Crab and the Bull horoscopes both tend to build trust slowly. It may be easier to develop a romantic partnership if you’re friends first. Then, once Cancer and Taurus get into a relationship, the biggest struggle will be falling into a rut. There’s a difference between solid routines and never trying something new. You and your Taurus partner are creatures of habit. You can easily fall into a pattern of eating at the same places, rewatching the same shows, and rarely meeting new people.

Home is where you feel most like yourself, Cancer. It can be hard to push yourself to try new things, especially if your partner is equally content with the status quo. However, it’s important to have a life outside your relationship or marriage, too. If you’re struggling to be independent, connect with a love and astrology guide from Everclear. Experienced astrologers look at your complete birth charts to give you guidance on how to navigate this love match.

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