Do Cancer and Scorpio Get Along?

Learn if Scorpio traits are the best match for Cancer.

Cancer and Scorpio Match

Cancer woman / Scorpio man Water sign romantic match

Dating and love, Cancer and Scorpio style

Cancer woman / Scorpio man Water sign romantic match

Hi Cancer! You’re represented by the Moon, the ever-changing celestial body that controls the ebb and flow of the tides. It follows that Cancers experience waves of emotion and tend to go through phases. Some might even call you moody. The Scorpion is another horoscope who can understand intense feelings, but does that make Cancer and Scorpio compatible?

“Symbolized by the Crab, your sign is known for its protective shell. Not quick to trust, it may take longer for you to let a new person into your life. Typically, you’re more focused on matters concerning family and those you’ve grown up around.”

You’re linked to the Fourth House of Foundations, with its ties to ancestry and tradition. New people may not excite you as much as other signs. Scorpio, on the other hand, isn’t afraid to make big life changes. In fact, they’re known for their continual evolution.

Like a Scorpion, they shed their skin over time. This is thanks to Pluto, Scorpio’s ruling planet. The extremes that this sign gets dealt can be as drastic and final as death itself. Perhaps, this is why this sign is more willing to go where most won’t. Having less fear can also be destructive. As they may not fear the consequences of their actions as much. This can lead to pushing the boundaries to see how much they can get away with. At their worst, Scorpios can weaponize fear to inflict pain and hardship on others. They need a partner that isn’t easily intimidated.

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Are Cancer and Scorpio a Good Match?

Cancer and Scorpio share an element. This should allow the Crab and Scorpion to bond easily and form a friendship from the start. Water signs are known for their emotional depths. Being so in touch with your feelings may lead to mood swings. Fortunately, Scorpio has an intuitive understanding of intense feelings. A shared element can help two signs empathize with each other—but you usually need more to maintain a relationship.

“Cancer, you’re known for your nurturing sensibilities. You really care for the people in your life. This care certainly extends to your romantic partner.”

You may be highly invested in what your partner does on a daily basis. You may even give off a concerned mom vibe, checking in often. This can become overbearing, if you need to know everything that’s going on. Your Scorpio partner is not the type that wants to answer to anyone. They don’t want to be slowed down by rules or excessive details. They have high goals for themselves that require intense focus. This can lead to you feeling neglected. You might wish they would channel some of their work focus into your relationship.

Cancer woman / Scorpio man Water sign dating match

Cancer and Scorpio Compatibility: The key to a successful relationship

Cancer woman / Scorpio man Water sign dating match

It’s a hard task to deter Scorpio’s attention from the biggest and best prize. They might have a taste for excess, particularly if they’ve had a financially hard upbringing. If there’s not a certain level of success and opulence to your partnership, they may not be interested. Your caring and traditional nature may not impress them enough to want to commit for the long term or get into a marriage.

“Cancer is ready to care for and love their Scorpio partner—or any partner for that matter. This means being up for any challenge life throws at you.”

It takes a very committed Cancer to be able to step out of their shell in order to do this. If your life is full of instability, perhaps a Scorpio partner is exactly what you need. They can show you how to navigate through hardships without getting stuck in the past. If you want a more personalized look at your love compatibility and reveal the characteristics of your birth charts, get a reading with an Everclear astrologer. These experienced advisors can pinpoint where your biggest strengths are as a couple and where you’ll run into problems. With some guidance, you’ll find more confidence in your approach with your partner. After all, you want to make sure you two are on the same page.

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