Do Cancer and Pisces Get Along?

Find out if Pisces traits are the best match for Cancer.

Cancer & Pisces Match

Cancer woman / Pisces man Water sign romantic match

Dating and love, Cancer and Pisces style

Cancer woman / Pisces man Water sign romantic match

Hi Cancer! Your warm heart and nurturing demeanor are among the many blessings of your sun sign. Also called the Crab of the zodiac, Cancer is a stable horoscope and well-loved by those they allow to get close. You understand emotions better than most, since the Crab is influenced by their ever-changing ruling planet—the Moon. As two emotional water signs, are Cancer and Pisces compatible?

“It makes sense that other signs seek out the kind Crab’s support. Your loved ones can attest that you’re a loyal and trustworthy friend. Fortunately, you feel safest around friends and family—the community you’ve built acts as your protective shell.”

It follows that Cancer is tied to the Fourth House of Foundations. Your astrological house signifies that you have a passion for home and traditions. Life changes and losses are huge events for the Crab, who prefers stability. Even when Cancer is able to move on, you’re often prone to nostalgia. Your partner might be able to share your yearning for the past. Pisces is the final sign in the zodiac cycle. They often have a sense of experience that goes far beyond their years. The mysterious planet Neptune rules over the Fish, and enhances their imagination and intuition. They have a special connection to the universe, so your partner may approach life with special attention to the world’s unseen forces.

Thoughtful Pisces is also tied to the Twelfth House of the Unconscious Mind. Pisces has a knack for sensing things that go unnoticed by others. They may even be able to connect with experiences from their past lives. Like you, they are a water horoscope with an empathetic and caring nature. Yet the Fish is even more guarded and solitary than the Crab. Pisces feels most comfortable in the safe waters of their own mind.

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Are Cancer and Pisces a Good Match?

It’s natural for two water signs to feel drawn to each other. Your shared element can make you a compatible match, but know that it will take time to reach the depths of Pisces’ heart. You’ll both have to accept that there will always be a level of mystery in your relationship. After all, Cancer and Pisces can both be secretive.

“You can be most open to each other when you spend time together in private. Connecting with one another will require patience and grace—communication isn’t a strength for either of your signs.”

With enough time and effort, the intuitive Fish will notice your underlying similarities and delight in the security of Cancer match. As your bond deepens, Pisces may help you to unlock your intuition and the many wonders of the unseen world. Cancer and Pisces both thrive in a bond built on mutual understanding and loyalty. When there’s equal trust and love in the relationship or marriage, matches between water signs can last a lifetime. The two of you will be able to rely on each other—even through the most turbulent storms. Just keep in mind that the strengths and weaknesses of your signs will be enhanced. Empathy and inner strength may come easily to a pair of water horoscopes, but you should watch out for issues when it comes to communication and life ambitions.

Cancer woman / Pisces man Water sign dating match

Cancer and Pisces Compatibility: The key to a successful relationship

Cancer woman / Pisces man Water sign dating match

The Cancer and Pisces couple have the unique opportunity to bond on an emotional and spiritual level. Yet the most significant roadblock in matches between the Crab and Fish is communication. While Cancer has introverted tendencies, Pisces is the most solitary of all horoscopes.

“You will need to actively step out of comfort zones and keep your other half hooked, or your compatibility might fade out.”

Thoughtful Pisces has many talents, but being actively social is a big task for the Fish. If you find yourself floundering as your partner slips away, don’t panic. Cancer should consider seeking the trusted advice of a horoscope expert. An Everclear advisor can help any astrological match overcome their personal challenges. Cancer and Pisces can help each other feel whole. Let your shared intuition guide you while you follow your hearts. When it comes to logistics, a little extra guidance can help strengthen your emotional and sexual bond. An experienced astrologer can look at your complete birth charts and provide personalized advice for your unique relationship.

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