Do Cancer and Libra Get Along?

Learn if Libra traits are the best match for Cancer.

Cancer and Libra Match

Cancer woman / Libra man Water Air sign romantic match

Dating and love, Cancer and Libra style

Cancer woman / Libra man Water Air sign romantic match

Hi Cancer! In some ways, the Crab can make the perfect partner. Ruling the Fourth House of Foundations, nothing brings you more fulfillment than nurturing your loved ones. You’re governed by the Moon, which gives you an empathic nature. It also makes you one of the most sensitive signs in the zodiac. In a love horoscope with the Crab, a partner will experience a lot of affection. Cancer and Libra have similar feelings about love, but can a relationship endure your contrasting personalities?

“Cancers are often characterized as having hard shells. But make no mistake, even the toughest water signs feel everything. In fact, the Crab tends to use its shell as amour because it’s so gentle. This introverted horoscope feels most at home in their safe space. You’ve probably invested a lot of time into building up this space. Whether it’s physical or metaphorical, only your closest friends are allowed to enter. “

Libra can understand your devotion to your inner circle. After all, they’re tied to the Seventh House of Relationships. As a sociable and diplomatic sign, they love to be part of a harmonious group. Libra can get lonely easily, so they crave the type of partnership a Cancer can provide, However, they also require plenty of socialization.

The extroverted Scales enjoy being part of a sports team, attending parties, or hosting events. While they strive for balance in all things, this flighty air sign may not understand Cancer’s need to stay in their shell. This can cause tension in a match between water and air. Moreover, Libra’s ruling planet Venus may compel them to stay in a relationship—even if it’s not working.

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Are Cancer and Libra a Good Match?

Despite your differences, Cancer and Libra can make wonderful friends. After all, you’re both gentle signs and team players. The Crab and Scales can rely on each other for support and lighthearted fun. However, if there’s a falling out, then water and air may drift apart. As two conflict averse signs, you would rather ghost each other than have a confrontation.

“This quality is excusable as long as the relationship is kept casual. Things can get sticky if you pursue a serious romance. Your gentle natures can translate into a sort of frailty as you navigate the realities of everyday life. Clear direction isn’t always a strong suit in this pairing, and things can get heavy if Cancer slips into one of their intense moods.”

Cancer has a tendency to sulk and can become possessive of their partner. While Libra can get pouty too, they tend to recover quickly from emotional outbursts. In turn, the Crab’s tendency to dwell on old feelings and hold grudges can turn the Scales off. The way they see it, everything doesn’t have to be so serious.

Cancer and Libra couples could have a surprisingly sweet, little love story. Yet a romance won’t last long without doing some heavy lifting. Cancer will have to learn to lighten up if they want to keep Libra’s interest. Air signs move on quickly if things become stagnant, so the Crab will have to step outside of their comfort zone. Meanwhile, Libra will have to accept that Cancer is emotional to their core. They should learn to take things more seriously in the interest of supporting their partner.

Cancer woman / Libra man Water Air sign dating match

Cancer and Libra Compatibility: The key to a successful relationship

Cancer woman / Libra man Water Air sign dating match

Fortunately, these sun signs are among the most willing to compromise in the zodiac cycle. Even so, that’s easier said than done. On a bad day, the Crab may retreat into the safe space to stew—giving Libra the silent treatment. In turn, talkative Libra may give into their impulse to have a conversation before their partner is ready.

“As in any relationship, patience and open communication are the keys to success. In this case, the Scales can work on their patience. Try to sympathize with Cancer before trying to solve their problems. Meanwhile, the Crab should open the channels of communication before closing themselves off to their partner.”

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