Do Cancer and Capricorn Get Along?

Find out if Capricorn traits are the best match for Cancer.

Cancer and Capricorn Match

Cancer woman / Capricorn man Water Earth sign romantic match

Dating and love, Cancer and Capricorn style

Cancer woman / Capricorn man Water Earth sign romantic match

Hi Cancer! You’re a water sign, meaning you tend to lead with your emotions. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re extremely open with anyone—on the flip side, you’re relatively cautious when it comes to sharing yourself with others. Symbolized by the Crab, Cancer has a soft interior, but it’s protected by a hard, external shell. Fortunately, Cancer and Capricorn share core values that will make it a little easier to open up.

“Ruled by the Moon, the Crab’s mood changes as often as the celestial body changes shape each night. You’re able to feel a wide range of emotions on any given day—from your own to those of the people around you.”

As a result, Cancer tends to be a nurturing soul whose life revolves around their home and loved ones. After all, Cancer belongs to the Fourth House of Foundations. Hardworking Capricorn, symbolized by the Goat, is one of the earth signs. Earth signs are ambitious, loyal, and stable. In contrast to water signs, they tend to lead with practicality and logic over their emotions. However, Cap is very traditional and enjoys the security of long term relationships.

Both Cancer and Capricorn are Cardinal signs, meaning you’re natural born leaders. The Crab will lead a close knit group of friends or family. Meanwhile, Capricorn has a wider scope. Their skills are more likely to manifest in their career life. Ruled by Saturn, they’re incredibly disciplined. The Goat tends to treat their life as a project to be managed—they’re comforted by 5 year plans and goal setting.

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Are Cancer and Capricorn a Good Match?

Capricorn and Cancer horoscopes both tend to be traditional when it comes to what they want in a romantic relationship. Neither sign is particularly interested in sexual flings or fleeting romances—you’re both looking to build a life with someone.

“As a Cancer, you prefer to seek out deep connections because of your emotional nature. When you get close to someone, you form a deep bond and are willing to go above and beyond to care for them.”

Your generous nature has likely burned you in the past, and that’s why you protect yourself with a hard, outer shell. Opening up is a slow process, so you may prefer smaller gatherings over crowded parties. Capricorn can have a serious demeanor and is slow to open up, but they’re incredibly loyal in their partnerships or marriage. Goats are doers so they tend to show their affection through actions rather than emotional proclamations. Cancer will understand this because taking care of others comes naturally to you. However, Cap will eventually have to share their softer side with Cancer if this relationship is to last.

Despite their mutual hesitations to open up, Cancer and Capricorn will both be motivated to define the relationship. As cardinal signs, neither or you like to wait around for things to happen and would prefer to understand in what direction the relationship is headed.

Cancer woman / Capricorn man Water Earth sign dating match

Cancer and Capricorn Compatibility: The key to a successful relationship

Cancer woman / Capricorn man Water Earth sign dating match

As a Cancer, it can be intimidating to allow yourself to be close with other people. You certainly desire the safety and comfort of a solid partnership, but you’ve likely been hurt in the past. After all, you’re a giver at your core. Capricorn’s calm, earthy nature might be just the thing you need to feel secure.

“Capricorn is dependable, but independent. They can teach their Cancer partner how to protect themselves by establishing clear boundaries in their relationships. The Goat doesn’t let anyone walk all over them and they certainly won’t let anyone walk all over their partner.”

They feel best when they feel useful, and therefore will often act as a provider and a protector in their relationships. You can help your Capricorn partner to soften. The Crab has a rich inner world, and therefore you understand the value of being in touch with yourself. The Goat struggles to navigate these murky, emotional waters on their own. Show them the value of compassion and how it can make them a stronger leader.

Overall, Cancer and Capricorn couples have very opposite strengths. At times, this can lead to misunderstandings. Yet, if you’re willing to have open discussions about your roles, it can result in an extremely powerful bond. If you’re struggling to develop a connection with your Capricorn partner, connect with a vetted psychic, empath or intuitive guide from Everclear to receive the astrological guidance you need. Experienced astrologers look at your complete birth charts to give you a more individualized understanding of how to navigate this love match.

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