Do Two Cancer Signs Get Along?

Find out if Cancer and Cancer are the best love match.

Cancer and Cancer Match

Cancer woman / Cancer man Water sign romantic match

Dating and love, the Cancer compatibility style

Cancer woman / Cancer man Water sign romantic match

Hi there! It may seem too perfect, but is the match of Cancer and Cancer compatible? Sometimes people can underestimate the celestial Crab. They may misinterpret Cancer as just a weepy water sign—perhaps picturing a sentimental, brownie-baking parent. It’s true that Cancer is ruled by the Moon, symbolic of the past, family, emotions, and nurturing. However, your zodiac sign is more complicated than astrological stereotypes can convey.

“People with this sun sign carry immense potential for romance and sexual intimacy. After all, the glyph for Cancer looks like the number 69.”

Ideally, as the tongue-in-cheek number conveys, Cancer horoscopes seek someone who will fully reciprocate what they have to give. In this way, a fellow Cancer makes an ideal mate for the Crab. A Cancer pairing provides the potential for deep emotional and erotic sharing. When a Cancer matches with another Cancer, they can share true intimacy on a level that scares most other signs. Each Crab can reveal their unique Cancer traits; the vulnerable side that they normally hide under their hard crustacean shells. Two Cancers can set each other free of their inhibitions with the security that comes with being fully loved by their partner. Basically, you can blow each other’s socks off in a romantic relationship.

Developing the courage to celebrate vulnerability is one of the lessons two Cancers can teach each other. Cancer’s reputation for being clingy comes from a fear of their own emotions. By facing their insecurities alongside an understanding partner, Cancer gains the ability to perceive their inner strength. They no longer depend on the armor of their shell for protection.

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Are Two Cancers a Good Match?

Nurturing or caretaking often plays a central role in the lives of most Crabs. This can include raising children or caring for aging relatives. It can also appear in the form of other creative or practical pursuits. Cancer may manage a family business or sustain a community tradition. An artistic Crab might help develop a theatre or arts group in their hometown. It only makes sense that your sign belongs to the astrological Fourth House of Foundations.

“Yet a relationship between two Crabs can be complicated if their respective caretaking responsibilities don’t match up. One partner might need to live in a small town to take care of their parents, while the other cultivates a new department within a big city university.”

On the other hand, the relationship or marriage deepens if they can nurture something together—whether that means raising a family or starting a project together.

The success of a Cancer and Cancer compatible match also depends on how well they get along with each other’s families. Cancer wants a mate who can be warmly accepted into their family, whether that means the people who raised them or a found family. If their partner is rejected by Cancer’s family, the Crab will feel deeply hurt and strive to heal the rift.

Cancer woman / Cancer man Water sign dating match

Cancer and Cancer Compatibility: The key to a successful relationship

Man and women Attraction Water

Cancer sun signs rarely confront anyone directly. Sensitive Crabs tend to fear arguments since the scars of harsh words can linger for years. They prefer to maintain a surface level of cordiality while withdrawing emotionally and physically, skittering sideways like a crab on the beach. Cancers pretty much invented the concept of “ghosting” on a discarded friend or lover. So the question persists, is the cancer and cancer couple compatible?

“For any romantic relationship to last without becoming stale, both parties must face problems and discuss difficult subjects head-on. This kind of frank discussion forms a central challenge of double-Crab relationships.”

By the time they find a potential soulmate, Cancers already have years of experience in sidestepping painful conversations. Wondering about the Cancer and Cancer compatibility level? You may feel unsure how to break this habit of denial and avoidance. It might feel difficult for you to prioritize relationship problems with the other crab: Which issues can be temporarily postponed, and which require immediate communication? An expert Everclear advisor can show you how to enhance your relationship by leveraging the positive traits you share with your Cancer partner. A compatibility reading provides a powerful tool to help you and your partner nurture a happier version of your relationship, almost like moving into a beautiful new home together. An experienced astrologer will help you to understand you and your partner’s complete charts and relationship pitfalls so they can be avoided.