Do Cancer and Aries Get Along?

Find out if Cancer and Aries are the best match.

Cancer and Aries Match

Cancer woman / Aries man Water Fire sign dating match

Dating and love, Cancer and Aries style

Cancer woman / Aries man Water Fire sign dating match

Hi Cancer! Wondering about the Cancer and Aries compatibility level? Represented by the Crab, people with your sun sign have a hard shell and soft soul. It can be tough to find a good match, or to get to know a Cancer when their defenses are up. However, the people they love are the most important part of their lives.

“You have a nurturing nature and probably put a little TLC into every aspect of your life—from your home to your cooking and everything in between.”

After all, Cancer is a compassionate water sign and ruled by the moon. Your emotions are often tied to your home life and close friends. Aries, represented by the Ram, is a fire sign ruled by Mars. They lead with desire and action.

They’re often impulsive and can be the life of the party when they so choose. The Ram fiercely values independence, so relationship-oriented Cancer may perplex this sign. Despite your obvious differences, your signs share a significant trait—passion. Cancer is awed by Aries fierce confidence, and Aries will respect Cancer’s emotional intensity. Cancer and Aries couples can make a beautiful match if they’re willing to adapt to each other’s very different personalities.

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Are Cancer and Aries a Good Match?

With all the differences, how strong is the Cancer and Aries compatibility? Outgoing Aries will probably approach Cancer first. At the first meeting, you’ll be intrigued, perhaps even mystified, by Aries’ natural confidence. There’s great potential for opposites to attract in this relationship.

“Yet there’s something that the Ram and the Crab will agree on—both signs are tentative about commitment, but for different reasons. Aries is terrified of giving up their independence.”

Cancer, on the other hand, fears getting hurt. Your hard exterior tends to protect a vulnerable heart, prone to giving more love than it receives. You will have to develop a lot of trust in your relationship for Cancer and Aries compatibility to succeed.

Lucky for you, it will be easy to get to know Aries. They have trouble hiding what they think and feel. The Ram will be easy to figure out for an emotionally tuned-in creature like yourself. Just be mindful that you’re less of an open book for your partner. Cancer tends to keep things close to the chest, so you will need to be upfront with your feelings.

A lack of reciprocation on either side can foil your horoscope compatibility. It can leave Cancer feeling moody and possibly passive-aggressive. Meanwhile, Aries may get frustrated when things stop flowing between you.

Cancer woman / Aries man Water Fire sign romantic match

Cancer and Aries Compatibility: The key to a successful relationship

Cancer woman / Aries man Water Fire sign romantic match

Aries is a fiery spark and Cancer is the Ocean tide. It’s hard to keep a fire lit on a windy beach, but is there anything better than a bonfire with an ocean view? While Aries and Cancer are very much opposites, they also complement each other beautifully.

“For example, Cancer can teach Aries the value of community. The Ram absolutely hates asking other people for help, but Cancer knows that no person can succeed alone.”

You can help your fiery partner accept support when they’re on the edge of burnout. Meanwhile, how Cancers are compatible with Aries is obvious when Aries teaches Cancer to vocalize their needs. As an intuitive Cancer, you can often sense other’s needs without them having to ask. You have to remember that others may not have this skill, and will need you to speak up for your needs. Aries appreciates independence and honesty, so they will welcome your input.

Communicating your sexual and emotional needs will be critical in this relationship or marriage, Cancer. If you’re struggling to express yourself, connect with an expert astrologer from Everclear to get the love guidance you need. A zodiac sign compatibility reading can help you nurture an opposites-attract romance with your Aries. Experienced astrologers look at your complete birth charts to give you a more individualized understanding of how to navigate this love match.

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