Do Cancer and Aquarius Get Along?

See if Aquarius traits are the best match for Cancer.

Cancer and Aquarius Match

Cancer woman / Aquarius man Water Air sign romantic match

Dating and love, Cancer and Aquarius style

Cancer woman / Aquarius man Water Air sign romantic match

Hi Cancer! Those born under your sun sign tend to be creative, passionate individuals. As a water sign, you lead with your heart and value self-expression. Ruled by the Moon, the Crab feels deeply and often deals with an ebb and flow of emotions. Your horoscope sign is also tied to the Fourth House of Foundations, which connects you to home and pushes the importance of tradition—both your lifestyle and relationships. Will you be able to find love with the rebel of the zodiac in a match between Cancer and Aquarius?

“When Cancer ventures outside the water element, it can be difficult to find a sign that feels as deeply as they do. After all, Cancer is an empath who can often recognize the emotional and spiritual needs of others.”

Yet the Crab isn’t always quick to show their hand. They’re comfortable in their shell. Consequently, it might take time for you to open up to someone new. Once you establish a true love connection, you fall hard and fast with a partner who’s worthy of your loyalty. Aquarius a picture-perfect representation of an air sign. Water Bearers are full of visionary ideas and light-hearted fun. Their personality traits are defined by the Eleventh House of Friendships—meaning that this sun sign cares deeply about their community and humanity. You might find lofty Aquarius leading humanitarian efforts and making strides for social change. They want their friends to live in an ideal world.

Aquarians thrive in a space that allows for communication and free-thinking. They don’t like being forced to commit to things they aren’t passionate about. It follows that the Water Bearer is ruled by Uranus and Saturn. The sideways planet stands for innovation, while the ringed planet provides the structure necessary to execute lofty plans. For better or worse, a partnership with a unique Aquarius will change your life.

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Are Cancer and Aquarius a good match?

When Cancer and Aquarius meet, a showdown between tradition and innovation ensues. As signs from opposite sides of the zodiac cycle, there will be a lot of ground to cover before you can truly connect. That’s not to say love compatibility is outside the realm of possibility, but it will be hard-won.

“While the Crab and Water Bearer can both be good communicators, you don’t always speak the same language. Water signs rank high in emotional intelligence. Meanwhile, air signs tend to be more cerebral. Aquarius prefers to avoid big displays of emotion.”

Sometimes, they can even come off as being cold and distant as the outer planets. In a relationship, this can make Cancer feel neglected and blue, which will only serve to drive Aquarius further away. Communication issues aside, there’s a lot of potential for learning in this match. If you can bond over a common cause, you’ll be able to use your traits to help each other reach your goals. Aquarius can help open doors for Cancer. The explorative Water Bearer might raise the Crab to new heights, proving that discovery is a worthwhile venture. On the flip side, Cancer can remind Aquarius that changes at home can have a greater impact than sweeping campaigns for change. When you put your differences aside, you can cover more breadth and depth together.

Opposites attract and opposing traits help balance each other out. For a Cancer-Aquarius couple, you will have to come to accept each other’s different communication styles. If you can talk it through, a satisfying partnership may be made. Just remember, you can reap the same (or more) benefits in a relationship with less commitment—friendship, mentorship, etc.

Cancer woman / Aquarius man Water Air sign dating match

Cancer and Aquarius Compatibility: The key to a successful relationship

Cancer woman / Aquarius man Water Air sign dating match

Zodiac compatibility aside, all relationships have their hurdles. However, if communication isn’t addressed right away in the match, your love will fizzle before it has the opportunity to grow.

“Building a strong friendship as a foundation can help. After all, you’re deeply devoted to your inner circle of friends. Both Cancer and Aquarius are attentive to their loved ones’ emotional needs.”

The Crab may offer their friend a shoulder to cry on, and Aquarius will try to make the world a better place for them. Your similarities can shine when the pressure to commit is off. However, when it’s time to commit, make sure you’re on the same page for a frank discussion. Traditional Cancer values loyalty in a relationship. Meanwhile, Aquarius likes to have diverse experiences—perhaps with a range of different partners. It’s wise to discuss boundaries. That way, no one will be caught off guard when the Crab is ready to settle down, but the Water Bearer craves more freedom.

If you’re struggling to have this conversation in your relationship or marriage, a professional guidance session can help. On Everclear, an advisor can provide love compatibility insights specific to you and your Aquarius. Experienced astrologers look at your complete birth charts to give you a more individualized understanding of how to navigate this love match.

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