Do Aries and Taurus Get Along?

See if Aries and Taurus make a good love match.

Aries & Taurus Match

Aries woman / Taurus man Fire Earth sign romantic match

Dating and Love, Aries and Taurus Style

Aries woman / Taurus man Fire Earth sign romantic match

Hi Aries! As the first sign in the zodiac lineup, your sun sign often belongs to trailblazers. Aries prefer to strike out on their own, and once they decide to do something, they dedicate themselves to its heart and soul. After all, all Aries are connected to the astrological First House of Self which tells them to follow their instincts. They’re never satisfied until their reality matches up with the life they’ve envisioned. Will the Aries and Taurus compatibility level match up to the vision?

“Aries value honesty above almost any other personality trait. In social situations, this can lead Aries to be very blunt, which can be misconstrued for rudeness. They’re also infamous for their short tempers thanks to their ruling planet, Mars.”

Their warring nature tends to lead to some unintentional conflict with others. When it comes to love, you’re all about initial attraction. If any sign believes in love at first sight, it’s the celestial Ram. Once you’ve set your sights on someone, the path forward is clear. You tend to be straightforward and to the point when it comes to expressing your romantic interest. However, you may need to work on sustaining your relationships—passion can only go so far.

In contrast to fast-paced Aries, Taurus is the anchor of the zodiac. Taurus is smart, trustworthy, and hardworking. They make amazing friends! They also put a lot of thought into developing their opinions. It takes a lot of convincing to change their mind once it’s set. It follows that the Bull can be stubborn at times. Learning to be more flexible is always something they need to work on.

Are Aries and Taurus compatible? When it comes to love, Taurus is all about honesty. This is something that the straightforward Aries can definitely appreciate. So never tell the Bull a little white lie since they would much prefer the ugly truth. They demand the best out of people and they make sure to return the favor.

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Are Aries and Taurus a Good Match?

Your shared values can make for a lifelong friendship, at the very least. You both treasure traits like good character, strength, and honesty. Despite your different approaches to life—sprinting versus slow and steady—your Aries traits give you a common bond.

“Aries and Taurus are also both emotional sun signs. However, they don’t show their love in the same way. This can lead to the Ram and Bull being unaware of the others’ true feelings.”

Take this to heart if you strike up a relationship with the Bull as your partner. To make each other feel loved, you’re both going to have to show affection in ways you’re not usually accustomed to. On one hand, the Ram has a bit of an ego and thrives on words of affirmation. Meanwhile, Taurus enjoys more material romantic gestures. Try to embrace each other’s love languages.

Aries and Taurus are ruled by two celestial lovers, Mars and Venus respectively. This makes you particularly compatible when it comes to sex. Aries is an easy person to please and their laidback nature will spark their Taurus partner’s interest. Taurus is sensual and enjoys pleasure in every sense of the word—from intimacy to luxuries. A marriage between the Ram and the Bull will likely leave both partners satisfied.

Aries woman / Taurus man Fire Earth sign love match

Aries and Taurus Compatibility: The key to a successful relationship

Man and women Friendship Earth

Despite the natural compatibility between your horoscopes, a relationship between an Aries and Taurus match will also be filled with individuality, depth, and personal challenges. To make your relationship work, you’ll have to be willing to address your differences at their core. Fortunately, if you’re able to adjust to each other’s needs, then your love compatibility will thrive.

“Aries is a natural born leader and will try to boss around Taurus. Yet, the Bull will not tolerate this at all. This may lead to Aries being annoyed with Taurus refusal to follow their lead.”

The resulting arguments won’t be inconsequential since neither of these signs will want to back down. Despite these difficulties, an Aries and Taurus relationship has the potential to be beautiful. Taurus is a stabilizing force for the more vivacious Aries. This makes for a harmonious balance for the couple’s differences.

As an Aries searching for perspective on your relationship, an Everclear compatibility reading can be highly beneficial. A session with one of Everclear’s astrological advisors can provide the insights you seek. True harmony within a match between the Ram and the Bull can be tricky, but you can find solid ground with help. An advisor will examine your unique astrological birth charts and suggest a way forward.

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