Do Aries and Scorpio Get Along?

Find out if Aries and Scorpio are a good love match.

Aries & Scorpio

Aries woman / Scorpio man Fire Water sign romantic match

Dating and Love, Aries and Scorpio Style

Aries woman / Scorpio man Fire Water sign romantic match

Hi Aries! Those born under your sun sign are characteristically powerful and brave. Also called the Ram of the zodiac, you’re a vibrant sign that charges through life in a fiery blaze. After all, Aries is the first sign in the zodiac cycle and is a symbol for new beginnings. Your ruling planet is the mighty Mars, which grants you courage and passion. Yet planning isn’t one of your natural strengths. The Ram likes to act quickly and prioritizes immediate results over long-term goals. Can ambition fuel a match between Aries and Scorpio?

“Aries is of the First House of Self. In times of turmoil, the Ram looks first to their own experiences and will listen to their heart. So anyone who tries to force your opinion will be faced burning defiance. When left to your own devices, your tendency to charge forward may end up scorching others in your path.”

Enter Scorpio with a wily allure that can’t be ignored. The Scorpion is the water to your fire and their mysterious nature is likely to hook you in. Your partner shares your ruling planet Mars and has similar taste for power. Although they’re not a fire sign, Scorpio has a comparably strong character and fierce personality. Scorpio is also influenced by a second ruling planet, the transformative Pluto that connects them to the universal cycle of life and death.

Tied to the Eighth House of Sex and Intimacy, your partner is familiar with the realms of pleasure and is a good secret keeper. It’s likely Scorpio will never reveal their entire self to you (they prefer to remain mysterious). They’re not as direct as the Ram and have a silver tongue for persuasion. But be cautious! Dark Scorpio is also the most vengeful sign in the zodiac.

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Are Aries and Scorpio a Good Match?

Scorpio is sure to take notice of your inspirational spirit and wealth of potential. When you cross paths, Scorpio will likely have suggestions for how you can leverage your talents in new, creative ways. As an independent Ram, you may be hesitant to take advice from others, but Scorpio can serve as a guide without stepping on your pride. It’s possible for the two of you to accomplish great things together.

“A friendship can easily ignite into romance between two passionate sun signs. Your energy and enthusiasm will find a satisfying match in Scorpio’s explorative and sensual nature. Sex is sure to be fulfilling, but be mindful of your partner’s emotional needs.”

Water sign Scorpio is more sensitive than an Aries may realize. Over time, the Scorpion can actually help the Ram to connect more deeply with their own feelings. Meanwhile, Aries can offer their partner a safe place to let off steam. Enjoy that strong connection, but be careful about relationship codependency. If you begin to follow your Scorpion blindly, then there’s a chance that the two of you may find yourselves on the wrong path. Scorpio is quick to snatch up opportunities and may be tempted to take advantage of a trusting Aries.

When it comes to conflict and communication, keep your shared ruling planet in mind. The warring planet of Mars will lead to a battle with no clear winner. Instead, attempt to put your pride aside and heed the warning signs. Listening to advice from those you trust will be the best way to avoid chaos.

Aries woman / Scorpio man Fire Water sign love match

Aries and Scorpio Compatibility: The key to a successful relationship

Man and women in Dating Water

A match between Aries and Scorpio has the potential to thrive, as long as you chart your course carefully. Scorpio’s dark ambition paired with Aries’ powerful action can make or break this couple. The main challenge you face will be sticking to your game plan and avoiding temptation. Pay attention to the warning signs when they appear.

“In order to maintain horoscope compatibility with your Scorpion, you will need to learn when to reach out for guidance.”

Horoscope experts can give you a heads-up about potential setbacks before they disrupt your relationship. A love reading with an Everclear advisor can help you connect with your Scorpio and create the harmonious relationship you deserve. Charge ahead, Aries! Your goal is in sight. With a helping hand to steer you on course, the powerful match between Aries and Scorpio can be yours!

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