Do Aries and Cancer Get Along?

See if Aries and Cancer are a good love match.

Aries & Cancer

Aries woman / Cancer man Fire Water sign romantic match

Dating and Love, Aries and Cancer Style

Aries woman / Cancer man Fire Water sign romantic match

Hi Aries! You’re vivacious with a fierce determination to reach your goals. Also called the Ram, your sun sign comes first in the zodiac cycle. Accordingly, Aries leads the way for others to follow. Aries also symbolizes new beginnings and a fresh start. So, the Ram is a fast-paced sign who sets their gaze on fresh goals and races towards them. Will your strength get in the way in an Aries and Cancer partnership?

“Powerful Mars is your ruling planet. It enhances your bravery while also giving you a sometimes aggressive nature. Aries is a very competitive sign who hates to lose and will not back down from a challenge.”

Those who push the Ram will find themselves knocked back by your strong personality. Aries is connected to the First House of Self. It’s natural for The Ram to search for their special place in the world. Aries usually follow their hearts. Once you have it set on something, it’s time to charge! Just remember, your passion can act like wildfire and accidentally burn you.

Enter the water to your fire. Cancer is a nurturing and mysterious sun sign. The Crab of the zodiac is in tune with their inner thoughts and feelings. They tend to cycle through different emotions like the phases of the moon—their ruling planet. Despite the turbulence of their emotions, Cancer has a big heart and is both dependable and loyal. The Crab puts their loved ones first and makes for a strong and lasting ally.

Tied to the Fourth House of Foundations, the Crab is a symbol of support. They enjoy stable situations and have a passion for their own personal history. Leaving the security of their friendships and family is a struggle for the nostalgic Crab. New situations and travel can be intimidating for Cancer.

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Are Aries and Cancer a Good Match?

Aries’ horoscope is full of adventure and exploration. It’s likely that you will wander into Cancer’s path at some point. It may take some time for the Crab to get used to you. While they may be drawn in by your charisma, your fiery personality can be intimidating to a water sign. However, if you show interest in their life and hobbies, Cancer can slowly open up to an Aries. This couple can make for a fascinating duo.

“As you begin dating, your different approaches to life may be grating. Aries can be aloof and hasty, while Cancer can be needy and cautious. Approach sex with caution, as passionate Aries may push sensitive Cancer out of their comfort zone quickly.”

There may also be friction over pacing for Aries and Cancer. Yet two opposites can meet in the middle. If you approach one another with understanding, your traits can become complementary.

Love compatibility will be a balancing act. When you’re upset, you have a natural tendency towards aggression. Luckily, Cancer has a talent for cooling heated situations down and offering support. However, the Ram may feel like they’re walking on thin ice due to the precariousness of Aries and Cancer’s compatibility.

Aries woman / Cancer man Fire Water sign love match

Aries and Cancer Compatibility: The key to a successful relationship

Cancer woman / Aries man Water Fire sign romantic match

Aries and Cancer have opposite elements and contrasting personalities. Although there’s a gap between you, it’s still possible to make a compatible couple. The most urgent challenge you face will be finding a way to balance your needs. The independent Ram doesn’t like to lean on others. On the other hand, Cancer relies on those around them as a support network. Setting boundaries can help you to achieve a balance.

“We know—Aries isn’t the best at compromise. The self-reliant Ram may need a helping hand.”

Despite the challenges you face, your characteristic determination and energy are on your side. With a little guidance, you can build a supportive marriage or loving relationship between Aries and Cancer. Consider consulting an astrology advisor who can provide 1-on-1 zodiac insights. Everclear advisors are skilled in providing the guidance you need based on your unique astrological birth chart.

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