Can Aries and Aries Get Along?

Find out if two Aries make one perfect match.

Aries & Aries Match

Aries woman / Aries man Fire sign romantic match

Dating and Love, Aries Style

Aries woman / Aries man Fire sign romantic match

Hi Aries! Your Aries traits include enthusiasm, impulsiveness, and boldness. Mars rules your sign, giving you a highly competitive nature. Rams like to boldly leap over social rules, forging their own path. They prefer to do what they like—regardless of what other people think. This attitude often translates into their style as well. They opt for attire that they love, but their style may appear a bit quirky to others. So, does this mean the Aries and Aries union will fare significantly better?

“Rams often feel impatient with slower or more timid signs, so pairing up with another Aries means you can both revel in your shared taste for boldness and speed. However, the two of you may butt heads due to that famous Aries temper.”

You may also run into some trouble if partners are content with throwing caution to the wind. When the Ram pair finds each other attractive, they waste no time in getting to the physical part of the relationship. They’re likely to choose unconventional settings for their encounters —a cliff adjacent to a hiking trail or a supply closet in the laboratory where they work.

After all, Aries loves to try new things (in the bedroom and elsewhere). Aries folks love to test their mettle both physically and mentally. A weekend date between a couple of Rams might include anything from rock-climbing to skydiving or an escape room.

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Are Aries and Aries a Good Match?

Aries despises dishonesty and runs from any signs of deception in a relationship. With two Aries dating, both of you can opt for direct communication (which can seem insensitive to some other signs).

“However, opting for complete honesty at the expense of other people’s feelings can have its drawbacks. Your connection to the astrological First House of Self signals that you have a tendency to listen to your heart over reason, sometimes to the point of destruction. Aries tends to angrily finish their opponent’s sentences in a disagreement, so a simple dispute can easily damage a new relationship.”

If neither of you holds a grudge, then you might revive your bond as a friendship—or maybe friends-with-benefits. Casual arrangements like these tend to be a great fit for Aries. No strings, no arguments, and lots of fun is a win-win from an Aries perspective.

On the other hand, if either or both of you is the kind of Ram who holds a grudge, you may become enemies for life. Since both of you feel personal pride in your combative nature, neither of you wants to back down. You both see apologizing as a form of weakness. But be cautious, Aries who hold grudges tend to accumulate increasingly long lists of adversaries, which becomes a drain on their energy. Really, it’s wise to let go of these resentments.

Aries woman / Aries man Fire sign Soulmate match

Aries and Aries Compatibility: The key to a successful relationship

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If you and your fellow Aries consider cohabitation (or even marriage), you can avoid arguments by establishing clear boundaries from the start. Although both of you feel impatient with long discussions, you can avoid future aggravation by eliminating ambiguity from your roles. Make sure you discuss who will handle the finances and who will be responsible for specific household chores.

“In a two-Ram household, sex and impulsivity keep the fires of affection burning. Dinner gets delayed frequently as you opt for a quickie. Or perhaps the two of you decide at the last minute to ditch the weekend yard-work and go camping instead.”

While you can revel in your shared whims and passions, beware that your more combative personality traits may also be intensified. An Aries versus Aries argument can escalate quickly since both partners prefer blunt language over diplomacy. Talk with your partner about how the two of you can develop behavioral safety valves to avoid butting-heads. Try implementing a cool-down period by agreeing to resume some discussions later, or perhaps asking someone to serve as mediator.

Another way to improve your relationship’s chances of success is to consult an Everclear advisor for a compatibility reading. The Aries personality traits you and your partner share have the potential to create lasting happiness—or a miserable couple. A horoscope compatibility reading can help you make better choices based on your astrological birth charts.

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