Do Aquarius and Scorpio Get Along?

Find out if Scorpio traits are the best match for Aquarius.

Aquarius and Scorpio Match

Aquarius woman / Scorpio man Air Water sign romantic match

Dating and love, Aquarius and Scorpio style

Aquarius woman / Scorpio man Air Water sign romantic match

Hi Aquarius! Those born under your sun sign make natural leaders with characteristics like open-mindedness and wisdom. You’re The Water Bearer of the Zodiac and are influenced by two ruling planets: ambitious Uranus and the more cautious Saturn. These planets’ conflicting natures give Aquarius a unique perspective and creative thought process. Indeed, your strength is in your creative mind. Will these factors make or break the relationship between the Aquarius and Scorpio couple?

“Aquarius is tied to the Eleventh House of Friendships and serves as a key member of any group. Those with your horoscope tend to fall into positions of responsibility. As the Water Bearer of the Zodiac, you’re able to carry burdens that would crush other signs.”

Yet doing so is a heavy responsibility. It’s no wonder that you retreat into the sanctuary of your own mind. This trait can make you come across as being aloof and detached. So you may benefit from matching with a more openly emotional sign. Enter intense Scorpio. The Scorpion is bound to draw out the emotions that Aquarius keeps locked inside. In a match with Scorpio, you’ll find yourself opening up and facing your inner demons.

Tied to the otherworldly, your partner is also influenced by two ruling planets. Transformative Pluto connects Scorpio to the cycle of life and death. Meanwhile, aggressive Mars gives your partner a burning passion and appreciation for power. The Scorpion also embodies desire and passion. They are of the Eighth House of Sex and Intimacy and your attraction to them likely goes deeper than just their looks. Their cerebral talents for persuasion and ambition match your own, so the Scorpion is bound to pique your interest. If your partner returns your affections you will quickly be ensnared.

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Are Aquarius and Scorpio a Good Match?

Aquarius and Scorpio are destined to face off at some point in their lives. But Scorpio makes for a ruthless opponent, so Aquarius would be wise to act as an ally. Should The Water Bearer befriend the Scorpion, the two of you can quickly become a powerful team. Aquarius may be put off by Scorpio’s intensity at times, but you have a lot to gain from their input. In return, Scorpio can benefit from your clear judgment and new ways of tackling problems.

“When Scorpio and Aquarius are in harmony you make a dangerous combination for your enemies. The Water Bearer will find that they do not have to carry The Scorpion as they do with other signs.”

Your partner is a powerful force that can be independent and reliable. In addition, your signs share a similar sense of humor. Aquarius’s wit and sarcasm will delight Scorpio’s dark sense of humor. Problems may arise if you take your blossoming relationship into the bedroom. Scorpio is a very intimate sign and needs thorough attention. This may prove to be difficult for a more aloof Aquarius. To make a thriving romance, you may have to open up and let Scorpio into the sanctuary of your inner thoughts. A bond with the Scorpion can flourish quickly, but be aware that a romantic relationship with them will be all-consuming.

Aquarius woman / Scorpio man Air Water sign love match

Aquarius and Scorpio Compatibility: The key to a successful relationship

Aquarius woman / Scorpio man Air Water sign love match

Great things can happen when Aquarius and Scorpio come together. To build a lasting bond, there are some initial hurdles you’ll have to overcome. The greatest struggle you face will likely be balancing control. Aquarius naturally takes the lead, which can spark envy in Scorpio. Both sun signs are used to being in charge and giving orders. To maintain balance, you’ll have to share responsibilities in a way that seems fair to both of you.

“In times of doubt or trouble, the Scorpion can fight ruthlessly. It would be wise for the Water Bearer to seek outside guidance before confronting their partner.”

Yet, keep in mind that your sun sign is not the only astrological influence on your character. Every person is unique with placements for the moon and all the planets in their birth chart. A horoscope expert can help you to overcome problems and illuminate the path forward. After examining the unique situation between you and your partner, an Everclear advisor can prepare you for a lasting match with your Scorpio. A little guidance can help to nurture your bond and create true love compatibility. You’ve found something exciting, move forward with care to build a relationship or marriage between Aquarius and Scorpio!

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