Do Aquarius and Leo Get Along?

Find out if Leo traits are the best match for Aquarius.

Aquarius and Leo Match

Aquarius woman / Leo man Air Fire sign romantic match

Dating and love, Aquarius and Leo style

Aquarius woman / Leo man Air Fire sign romantic match

Hi Aquarius! Those born under your sun sign are blessed with a cautious, yet visionary personality. Your two ruling planets, Saturn and Uranus, bestow you with these seemingly contradictory traits. You have lofty ideals for the world and tend to take on responsibilities—much like Aquarius’ symbol the Water Bearer. Considering these characteristics, can Aquarius and Leo make a compatible match?

“In the zodiac cycle, your signs sit opposite from each other. In this case, opposites attract and can complement each other. However, friends may initially feel perplexed by this apparent odd couple.”

If there’s a strong mutual attraction, Leo’s charm and vivacious personality can help thaw the Water Bearer’s aloof aura. With Leo on their arm, Aquarius loosens up and becomes less cerebral. They let go of their tendency to preach about humanitarian causes and hit the dance floor. The Water Bearer can easily lose a sense of intimate, personal connection. They can become subsumed either by things like technology, political causes, or the zeitgeist. This can lead them to becoming too wrapped up in existential problems. A partnership with warm Leo helps keep Aquarius from losing touch.

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Are Aquarius and Leo a Good Match?

Both Aquarius and Leo have a tendency toward vanity. Leo enjoys enhancing their physical beauty and loves to exercise their charm on attractive acquaintances. Aquarius not-so-secretly believes they’re the smartest person in the room. As a couple, they flatter and encourage each other, forming a mutual admiration society.

“Aquarians tend to be very open-minded about everything, including sex. A Leo from a more conservative background might be scared off by Aquarius’ relaxed attitude toward activities deemed taboo.”

However, a Lion seeking to explore will find Aquarius to be liberating. Regardless, both partners can benefit from a soothing cuddle session. The Water Bearer and the Lion also stimulate each other intellectually. They both enjoy learning about new topics and imparting their knowledge to others. Their relationship may include a student-teacher dynamic with one of them sharing their expertise with the younger or less-experienced partner.

On a creative front, you may serve as each other’s muse. Fire sign Leo lends passion and confidence to Aquarius. Meanwhile, air sign Aquarius can help the Lion think outside the box. If one partner has been feeling artistically blocked, the relationship can help inspire them to begin new projects.

Aquarius woman / Leo man Air Fire sign love match

Aquarius and Leo Compatibility: The key to a successful relationship

Aquarius woman / Leo man Air Fire sign love match

Aquarius isn’t possessive enough to mind if Leo flirts—so long as there’s no dishonesty involved. Leo, on the other hand, demands complete loyalty from their partner. This can create a conflict if freedom-loving Aquarius isn’t ready to commit.

“A Water Bearer who wants a long-term relationship with a Lion will probably have to acclimate to the idea of commitment. Leo’s concept of romance requires two partners who are totally devoted to each other. And a Leo betrayed by their partner rarely forgives.”

Even though they’re known for generosity, they can be inflexible if someone hurts them.
If Aquarius cheats, the Lion loses the ability to trust them and the relationship ends.

The connection between opposite zodiac signs is always a bit tricky and mysterious. Even problem-solving Aquarius may feel stumped by this enigmatic bond. The two of you complement each other, yet you can still clash. Aquarius-Leo horoscope can either bring both partners joy, or a sense of constant friction.  Compromise and communication are important tools for any relationship. They’re absolutely vital when you and your partner have opposing sun signs. An Everclear advisor can help you understand how to balance your Aquarius traits with your partner’s Leo characteristics, while looking at other placements in each of your birth charts. A zodiac compatibility reading will give you insight into creating a harmonious relationship or marriage.

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