Do Aquarius and Capricorn Get Along?

Find out if Capricorn traits are the best match for Aquarius.

Aquarius and Capricorn Match

Aquarius woman / Capricorn man Air Earth sign romantic match

Dating and love, Aquarius and Capricorn style

Aquarius woman / Capricorn man Air Earth sign romantic match

Hi Aquarius! Although symbolized by the Water Bearer, your sun sign is actually from the air element. Air signs are associated with intellect, so you tend to be a thinker and a problem solver. Aquarius uses their intellect for humanitarian efforts—often dreaming up ways to improve communities and society at large. As two ambitious signs, Aquarius and Capricorn have power couple potential if they’re able to see past their differences.

“The Water Bearer is a fixed sign, meaning that they tend to be very attached to their beliefs. You’re consistent, sometimes to the point of being stubborn. Despite this rigidity, Aquarius cares deeply for other people.”

This may not be obvious because your air sign traits make you a more rational than emotional being. Capricorn is one of the earth signs. Earth signs tend to be pragmatic, loyal, and stable. Similar to Aquarius, Capricorn tends to favor practicality over emotion. Despite a sometimes cold exterior, Capricorn is very dedicated to the people in their lives as they value traditional structures such as family. Capricorn is symbolized by the Goat. This speaks to their hardworking attitude. As a cardinal sign, Capricorn likes to take action and initiate projects rather than waiting around for direction. However, they don’t value action for the sake of action. The Goat is a planner and is always working towards a bigger vision.

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Are Aquarius and Capricorn a Good Match?

At first glance, these sun signs appear to be complete opposites. Capricorn tends to be traditional while Aquarius would be better described as a rebel. This is why Aquarius and Capricorn will need to overcome their differences if they want to build a healthy relationship and friendship.

“The Goat likes structure and prefers using tried and true methods in their life. This means they generally adhere to traditional roles and rules when it comes to romantic relationships. As an Aquarius, you likely consider yourself more progressive.”

You don’t believe any idea or method is correct just because it’s always been done that way. In relationships you question traditional structures and value independence above all else. It might terrify you that your Capricorn partner wants white picket fences, two kids, and family dinners in the dining room every night. As an Aquarius, free will is critically important to you and living your life by a blueprint sounds scary. However, it’s important to note that Cap is motivated by being a provider. Following old school relationship rules might make them feel like they’re doing right by you. The Water Bearer and the Goat should talk about their hopes and dreams if their relationship starts to hit a rut. Underneath all of the external differences, both horoscope signs are highly principled and believe in sticking to their moral codes. Coming to this understanding will build trust and admiration between Aquarius and Capricorn.

Aquarius woman / Capricorn man Air Earth sign love match

Aquarius and Capricorn Compatibility: The key to a successful relationship

Aquarius woman / Capricorn man Air Earth sign love match

The Water Bearer and Goat’s differences may be challenging, but it also provides this couple with an opportunity to uniquely support each other. Capricorn is hardworking and Aquarius is an idealist—both are intelligent and driven. Capricorn can provide you with the structure you need to bring your dreams into reality, and you can push Capricorn to think bigger and reach higher than they ever imagined.

“Aquarius, the nuts and bolts of romantic relationships are not your strong suit. So allow your Capricorn partner to lead these conversations.”

It will be critically important to identify boundaries and expectations—Capricorn will be eager to initiate this discussion, so try to follow their lead. There will be plenty of opportunities for Aquarius to take the lead as well. Gently help your Goat to question their assumptions about how relationships or marriages “should” look. Although Capricorn feels most comfortable when adhering to clear rules, they’re savvy enough to know when the rules are worth breaking. It may also be necessary for Aquarius to assert their independence in this partnership. As a natural leader, the Goat likes to feel stable and in control. Try explaining how your desire for personal freedom is based on your value system. This is something Cap can learn to respect and understand if you have patience with them. An experienced astrologer can look at your complete birth charts and provide personalized advice for your unique relationship.

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