Do Aquarius and Cancer Get Along?

Find out if Cancer traits are the best match for Aquarius.

Aquarius and Cancer Match


Aquarius woman / Cancer man Air Water sign romantic match

Love and dating, Aquarius and Cancer style

Aquarius woman / Cancer man Air Water sign romantic match

Hi Aquarius! As the clever Water Bearer, you’re used to using your head and thinking for yourself! You have big goals and ambitions with your two ruling planets, Uranus and Saturn, helping you visualize many paths forward. Yet, their conflicting natures may also be a cause for hesitation.

“Tied to the Eleventh House of friendships and community, you’re an essential member of any group. Others would do well to heed your advice, since you have a knack for seeing what is best for the majority.”

Since your strength lies within your mind, you may often close yourself off in order to dive deeper into your own thoughts. This personality trait can make Aquarius come across as being aloof and detached. This characteristic may cause more openly emotional sun signs to be intimidated by you. Enter Cancer. There is no sun sign more in touch with their deepest feelings than the Crab. Ruled by the ever-changing Moon, they often find themselves washed over by waves of emotion. People with this sun sign are known for their big hearts.

Cancer is of the Fourth House of foundations. They understand the value of support and often have strong ties to their heritage and ancestors. They often treasure tradition and may become emotional around important holidays and events. Clearly, Cancer has a lot going on beneath the surface. They can be one of the hardest sun signs to puzzle out. Fortunately, when it comes to Cancer compatibility, their passionate heart has plenty of room for their family, friends, and you.

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Are Aquarius and Cancer a Good Match?

When you first meet the emotional and mysterious Cancer, you may feel like total opposites. Cancer is a sign that says mind over matter, while Aquarius often says vice versa. You may find that your personality traits conflict. In the workplace or as friends, you’ll probably avoid one another.

“If you manage to make a connection, there are a few hurdles to overcome to be a compatible match. Aquarius embraces change and feels satisfaction when moving up in life. Meanwhile, Cancer prefers to find a secure situation and stay put. So, you may find yourself carrying—or dragging—the Crab along with you.”

Will this disqualify you from love compatibility? Not necessarily! Your relationship doesn’t have to embody awkward avoidances nor tearful goodbyes. You have a lot to learn from one another and it’s possible to find a balance between Aquarius and Cancer.

While you might find it hard to trust others, they tend to be extremely trustworthy. Additionally, Cancer can help Aquarius look beyond ambition and face their emotions. In return, you can guide your partner to leave stagnant situations behind. Your analytical mind can help them weather the tides of their emotions to find clarity.

Aquarius woman / Cancer man Air Water sign love match

Aquarius and Cancer Compatibility: The key to a successful relationship

Aquarius woman / Cancer man Air Water sign love match

On the surface, Aquarius and Cancer may seem like two sun signs destined to repel each other. Yet, a match between two opposite personalities can be beneficial when you have complementary strengths. Your characteristics can each other even out, and even enhance your positive traits.

“In matches with conflicting love horoscopes, both signs must learn to give and take. Aquarius will need to open up more about their emotions. At the same time, Cancer will have to toughen up and face reality.”

Clearly, the Cancer and Aquarius couple share a delicate relationship that must be handled with care. If you find yourselves unable to move forward, it’s time to seek the guidance of a trusted expert. An astrology compatibility reading with an experienced astrologer can look at your complete birth charts and help you to navigate choppy waters. On Everclear, an advisor can provide 1-on-1 love guidance tailored to you and your Cancer partner. Their insights can help you dive deeper into your relationship or marriage and reveal a path forward.

Of course, seeking guidance is just the first step in securing your bond. You’ll have to work together to nurture a lifelong match. Ultimately, if you can balance your lofty nature with that of your stable Crab, the two of you can arrive at true Aquarius and Cancer compatibility.

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