Do Aquarius and Aquarius Get Along?

Find out if Aquarius traits are the best match for Aquarius.

Aquarius and Aquarius Match

Aries woman / Aquarius man Fire Air sign romantic match

Dating and love, Aquarius and Aquarius style

Aries woman / Aquarius man Fire Air sign romantic match

Hi Aquarius! Those born under your sun sign are often defined by Aquarius’ two ruling planets. Saturn is the planet of boundaries, while Uranus represents innovation. These conflicting characteristics lend the Water Bearer a cautious yet visionary personality. Others may describe you as quirky, but a match between Aquarius and Aquarius can empower your ideals.

“When two Aquarians pair up, the doubling of air signs can create a tornado of words and a hurricane of ideas. In your first conversations, you might eagerly compare your favorite books, films, and music.”

Two Water Bearers may also vie to see who has the most sarcastic wit. They engage in a subtle conversational competition to see which of them has the most experience. As a fixed sign, Aquarius can be set in their ways. Socially, this can mean being fiercely loyal to a group. For many, it’s simply a group of friends who share similar tastes and beliefs. When Aquarius chooses a mate, it’s important to them that their partner fits in easily with this group. The Water Bearer is unlikely to pursue a romance with someone their friends reject. Aquarius carries a contradiction in that they deeply identify with the group they belong to, yet they also deeply value their uniqueness. Even the most conservative Aquarians cultivate one or two personal eccentricities. The Water Bearer abhors boredom and views their personality quirks as proof that they’re not boring. Aquarius wants a mate whose eccentricities are compatible with theirs.

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Are Aquarius and Aquarius a Good Match?

The relationship between two Aquarians grows through shared ideals. Aquarius feels more upset by the idea of their partner voting for the opposite political party than infidelity. Since they dislike secrecy and aren’t prone to jealousy, a pair of Aquarius might opt to keep things casual. However, they’re more likely to remain monogamous if that’s the norm among their friends.

“Unless they belong to a conservative group, Aquarius enjoys trying new things. An open minded Water Bearer couple may decide to explore whatever else excites their curiosity—in and out of the bedroom.”

If they connect with a like minded group, they’re more likely to continue their exploration. Part of the fun for Aquarius is discussing and analyzing their experiences. Water Bearers also love technology. Two Aquarians living together need plenty of space for each partner’s collection of music, films, and games. Even if they have a tight budget, they‘ll purchase the best technology that they can afford. They also insist on having the latest smart-phone.

Aries woman / Aquarius man Fire Air sign love match

Aquarius and Aquarius Compatibility: The key to a successful relationship

Aries woman / Aquarius man Fire Air sign love match

Like all air signs, Aquarians often lack a strong understanding of emotions. At times, your own deeper feelings may be a mystery to you. One of the benefits of an Aquarius and Aquarius relationship is that they’re unlikely to hurt each other’s feelings. More emotional signs may not be able to take the Water Bearer’s often blunt, detached nature.

“The central challenge in a double-Aquarius relationship is mutual respect. Aquarians are used to seeing themselves as smarter than their friends and lovers. They tend to lecture other people, and often choose mates who are slightly younger, so they can play the role of teacher.”

Adapting to a relationship with an equal may require a period of adjustment. During this time, they may butt heads as they attempt to condescend to each other. Since both take pride in being analytical and unemotional, conflict carries the risk that one or both partners will simply quit the relationship. They might walk away from the relationship, and then regret it later. If they want the relationship to last (most Aquarians don’t want to grow old alone), they’ll have to spare some time to agree on some ground rules.

Sharing a sun sign with your partner has many benefits—but it doesn’t mean you’ll always understand each other. Sometimes your partner’s motives and desires may seem inscrutable. Differences will surface as the characteristics of your moon signs are revealed. Every person has unique placements for the moon and planets in their birth chart. Discussing things with your mate can bridge the gap, but two air signs can end up talking in circles. An Everclear horoscope compatibility reading can provide clarity for your relationship or marriage. An expert astrology advisor will help you and your partner draw on your shared strengths to create a stronger partnership.

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